Karen Jerabek ~ Author of Modern, Light-Hearted Carolina Fiction and a Young Divorce Memoir

Karen Jerabek writes modern, lighthearted Carolina fiction where the women have real jobs and shop at Target. Set in the Carolinas, her books are the stories your girlfriends would tell you after a couple of glasses of wine on a girls’ night out. Her main characters are strong, sassy women with loveable flaws whose ultimate goal is to find their true North. There will be twists and turns along the way to keep you guessing but the endings are delightful!

Karen Jerabek was married young, divorced young and after a self-imposed cocooning phase, emerged ready to fully embrace her second chance. In her quest to find her true North, she discovered a love for chocolate croissants, kickball and lazy pajama days. Today, she lives in Coastal North Carolina with her beautiful twin daughters.

Karen’s fiction writing includes both short stories and novels.  Her short story, Tuned In to Love reached #5 on Amazon Kindle’s Bestsellers List.  If you’ve ever questioned whether to trust your heart or your head, you’ll love this 30 minute quick read about Bree and a hot, scruffy musician.  Her debut novel, Helping Karma, was written for anyone who has ever felt like an ex deserved karmic payback.  You’ll love reading about Meg’s attempts to give karma a helpful little nudge while her girlfriends try to keep her focused on rebuilding her life.  Karen’s 2nd short story is Love Leaps.  If you’ve ever wondered whether you should take a leap of faith on love, you’ll enjoy reading about Emma’s struggle to give her boyfriend the space he’s asked for while deciding if a man from her past should get a second chance.  Her 3rd short story, Change of Plans, is written for anyone who has ever wondered whether they should open themselves up again after a heartache.  After being stood up for a girls’ night out, Allie heads out anyways, bumping into two very different men.  Will she choose instant gratification or a long-term possibility and is she ready for either?  Karen is currently working on a 2nd novel and follow-up short stories.

Karen also writes about life after divorce, inspired by her own brief marriage that lasted three years when she was in her 20s.  Young, Divorced and Fabulous: Four Women Share their Journeys, their Friendship and their Sisterly Advice on Embracing Second Chances, was a project that she created and co-authored with three other women who she considers her divorce sisters because they forged their friendships while they were navigating difficult divorces.  Karen co-wrote it with the purpose of crusading for the millions of starter marriage alums in the world who are misunderstood, stereotyped and judged by people who simply don’t understand them.  They released their collective memoirs in February 2014.

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