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Karen’s Author Interview with Free eBooks Daily

Click on the above picture to read Karen Jerabek's Author Interview with Free eBooks Daily

Click on the above picture to read Karen Jerabek’s Author Interview with Free eBooks Daily

I’m very honored and excited to have been interviewed by Free eBooks Daily about my novel, Helping Karma.   It’s an awesome website that let’s readers know about free ebooks and shares author interviews.  It was a blast chatting about my novel and sharing some insider information that I haven’t publicly disclosed before.  Curious?  Click on the logo above to read my interview!

For a limited time, my novel, Helping Karma, is available as a free download so if you haven’t already read it, grab a copy today before it goes back to full price.  For more details on downloading it and to read my author interview, click on the logo above.  And if you’re looking for great books to read, pop over to Free eBooks Daily to see what the latest freebies are about!


Happy Un-Anniversary to Me!


We celebrated our first anniversary with balloons, romantic cards, a lovely dinner and freezer burnt wedding cake. It had been a rough year with lots of adjustments but I thought that we’d hurdled the challenges and were ready to embark on our happily ever after. But, my life wasn’t a fairy tale and when my second anniversary rolled around, my husband didn’t come home with flowers. Instead, he came home to tell me that our marriage was over. I fought for my marriage but I was on a sinking ship and eventually my only option was to swim for shore. A year and a half later, I filed for divorce.

After my divorce, I started celebrating my un-anniversary. Every year, on the day I was married, I think back to the girl who was filled with hope as she said her wedding vows on a pier overlooking the ocean in the Bahamas. Then I think about the girl who collapsed on the floor of the shower two years later when her husband told her that their marriage was over yet he didn’t have the courage to truly end it. And then I think about the woman who emerged from her divorce with more strength and grace than she ever knew she possessed. And it’s that woman that I choose to celebrate. Happy Un-Anniversary to me!


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